In-School Field Trips

An exciting hands-on technology experience right in your science classroom!

In addition to our lineup of incredible summer camps and workshops, Techsplorers is now proud to offer exciting, hands-on, science and engineering experiences right in your classroom!

At Techsplorers, we believe that practical, hands-on experience in a positive and nurturing environment is critical to developing a love of learning. Our highly customizable in-school field trips provide students of all ages with fun, engaging activities that stimulate their interest in science, technology, and engineering. For more information, please contact us a or call us at 919-901-1197. We look forward to working with you and your students!

Mechanical Engineering: Crash-Test Vehicles

Grade Levels: 2-8
Time Required: 50-90 min

Students will work as a team to design and build a vehicle out of basic craft materials that can protect a passenger (raw egg) in a head-on collision. This activity can be scaled up for upper grade students by discussing more advanced topics like calculating impact force in a real car crash and/or adding an engineering drawing component to the challenge where teams must draw out a detailed design first and then switch drawings with another team to explore the importance of communication in engineering.

Possible Topics:

Aerospace Engineering: Water Bottle Rockets

Grade Levels: 2-8
Time Required: 60-100 min

Students will design and build a water rocket out of a 2-liter bottle with the goal of creating the rocket that remains in the air the longest. This class is a great way to introduce students of all ages to forces and the challenges that engineers face when designing solutions to problems. The activity can be scaled up for upper grade students by discussing more advanced topics like the difference between center of gravity and center of pressure and their affect on the rocket’s stability.

Possible Topics:

Chemical Engineering: Chemistry Lab

Grade Levels: 2-6
Time Required: 40-90 min

In the first activity, students will experiment with water, vinegar, baking soda, and baking powder in different combinations to learn about acids, bases, and chemical reactions. In the second activity, students use yeast to speed up the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide for an exciting result. Another really fun activity can also be done in the place of either of these in which students make a homemade pH indicator out of red cabbage.

Possible Topics:

Electrical Engineering: LED Lightsaber

Grade Levels: 2-4
Time Required: 40-60 min

Students are first introduced to the basic concepts of electricity and use an “energy ball” to learn the difference between open and closed circuits. A demo of a homemade light bulb is then shown to the class and the challenges Thomas Edison and other inventors faced when designing the original light bulb are discussed. In the final activity, students get to build their own LED lightsaber out of just a few simple materials.

Possible Topics: