NEW! Ultrasonic
Maze-Solving Robot

Imagine building an autonomous vehicle that uses sound waves to avoid collisions and find its way out of a maze all by itself!

Learn about the current practices and technology used in autonomous vehicles today and how sound can be used to measure distance. Discover how the ultrasonic sensor works, investigate its uses and limitations, add it to the robot, and then program the robot to detect and avoid obstacles in its path. But avoiding obstacles is just the first step — the real challenge is figuring out how to navigate and solve a maze!

We'll cover basic programming techniques like if statements and while loops and more advanced techniques like custom function creation as well. No programming or Arduino experience is necessary to take this class, but even experienced Arduino enthusiasts will have lots of fun!

Though it is not required, we highly recommend students provide their own laptop for use in class. Students bringing their own laptop must install the Arduino software prior to the first day. Please click here for more details on laptop setup. It is also recommended, if possible, for students to purchase their Arduino UNO and USB cable ahead of time to test with the laptop.



Note: The project built during class is sold separately. Students will be given the opportunity to buy their robot at the end of class.


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