Advanced Course Prerequisites

To register for an Advanced course, you must have taken at least one of our Intro-level electrical courses previously (see approved courses below). If you cannot take one of these courses for some reason or feel that you are already qualified without the prerequisite, please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Intro to Electrical Engineering & Boy Scouts Electronics Merit Badge*

Don't wait until college to learn about Electrical Engineering! Design and build an electronic musical instrument that you play without touching! Learn how to use light-emitting diodes, resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuit chips, then solder the entire circuit together permanently just like a real electrical engineer and take it home. Not only will you build it from scratch, we’ll teach you exactly how it works.


Design and build your own solar-powered vehicle while learning the engineering theory behind DC motors, solar cells, transistors, capacitors, and more. Then, use your knowledge of the circuit and how it works to compete against other Techsplorers in three different competitions: a tug-of-war tractor pull, a penny-hauling race, and a sumo-style wrestling match. Can your design beat the current grand champion?

Intro to Line-Following Robots

Design and build a robot from scratch that will navigate a racetrack by itself! Learn about voltage comparators circuits, optical sensors, transistors, pulse-width modulation, and more. Then, when you’re done, compete against other Techsplorers to see whose robot can get the fastest lap time. After completing this course, take our Advanced Arduino Line-Following Robot course as a Weekend Workshop to learn how to control your robot with a microprocessor and software!

Infrared Music Transmitter

By the time you’re done with this class you will have built, from scratch, an AM radio transmitter, intercom system, and infrared music player. Use the AM radio transmitter to speak into the microphone and actually hear your voice coming out of a nearby radio! Hook up your iPod to the infrared music player circuit and encode the music onto an infrared light signal, which will shoot through the air and play through a speaker across the room. Just think: music riding on an invisible beam of light and you built it!


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You don't have to be in Scouts to participate in Merit Badge courses.